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Hello! My name is Alex and I'm a freelance videographer and editor based in Berlin. I specialize on producing short documentaries, music videos and event videos.

I have over 5 years of experience as a videographer and editor fulfilling projects for businesses like Beatport Music, Hotel Savoy, Campus Efeuweg, Chagall, Campania Pizza, Module One Music, Bolshoi Cinema Centre, Luka Pizza, etc.

If you need a video production service for your business, please, don't hesitate to drop a line!
We have experience in creating all types of videos for our clients, including:
Explainer videos
Interview videos
Company overview/"About" videos
"How-to" videos
Commercials & Short Promos
Product videos
Kravale - Мы Обмануты
Music Video
Bored But Scored: Module One
Module One Live Jam
Bolshoy Garden / Opening
Opening of a summer veranda (Bolshoi Cinema, Rostov-on-Don, RU)
Module One & Soela - Battlefield (Live)
Module One and Soela performing the live version of their song Battlefield on the roof of
Rebus Club (Rostov-on-Don, RU)
Campania Pizza
Interrior video for Campania pizza
Making pizza
Quadrakey - Ritm Sekciya podcast 006
The episode from Ritm Sekciya podcast series
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